Allegheny Allies


Allegheny Allies, sponsored by Vibrant Pittsburgh, is a regional affinity group similar to an Employee Resource Group (ERG) with the mission of promoting a diverse and robust Greater Pittsburgh region through fostering fellowship, belonging, and professional development of diverse employees and their allies in small to midsize Vibrant Pittsburgh member organizations.

Allegheny Allies is Unique

Allegheny Allies was born out of the opportunity to support the development of diverse employees at a regional level—especially those at organizations that may lack resources for ERGs. Allegheny Allies invites members from all affinity groups, allowing folks to show up as their full, authentic selves without the need to put their identity into a single box. We hope to be a tremendous resource for underrepresented employees and colleagues to network, find support, and exchange ideas, while amplifying intersectional voices and addressing issues that impact us all.

Who are Allegheny Allies?

Allegheny Allies focuses on a variety of historically underrepresented communities, but any Vibrant Pittsburgh Member Employee is welcome to participate. Our affinity members share common needs in the workplace and are supported by their peers.

An affinity group is defined as a group of people having a common interest or goal or acting together for a specific purpose (Merriam-Webster). Common affinities are listed below:

More information

Click here for a flyer for your HR and D&I Department and here for a flyer to share with your employees.