Latino Outreach

We want you – and need you – in Pittsburgh.

Welcoming talent from around the world and growing a more diverse workforce is essential for our region to be successful today and tomorrow. But attracting you is one thing; making you feel at home is another. So Vibrant Pittsburgh is committed to helping you make the social connections that will allow you to comfortably stay and flourish in our region. With plentiful jobs, community diversity, affordable homes in neighborhoods that suit your lifestyle, and quality public education with college scholarships for your children — we invite you to grow roots in Pittsburgh. Para la versión en español, ir al siguiente enlace.

In Pittsburgh we have jobs at every available skill level.

Pittsburgh has plenty of career opportunities with 20,000+ available jobs right now. Our diverse economy includes advanced manufacturing, energy, financial & business services, health care & life sciences and information and communication technology. No matter your focus or skill level, you can launch or grow your career here in Pittsburgh.

In Pittsburgh we have affordable homes and diverse neighborhoods.

Pittsburgh is a vibrant, healthy and livable city with neighborhoods that are places where residents of all backgrounds have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. From 89 distinct urban neighborhoods to quality suburbs and charming small towns, the Pittsburgh region offers sense of place for many tastes.

In Pittsburgh we have a college scholarship for your children.

The Pittsburgh Promise is a big idea and a concrete commitment to all children who live in the City of Pittsburgh: if you live in our city and attend Pittsburgh Public Schools you can earn up to $30,000 for college. The Promise is not a need-based or a competitive scholarship; all students with 90%, attendance from 9th grade on, and at least a 2.5 GPA are eligible. And, the scholarship is a scholarship, it is not a loan—it does not need to be paid back. Before you think that college is out of reach, think again.

In Pittsburgh we support Hispanic business and investment.

The PMAHCC’s main purpose is to attract Hispanic business and investment to the region to create a more vibrant Hispanic community that will benefit the regions economic development.