Chief Information Security Officer

Howmet Aerospace

Date: 09/03/2021

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Primary Responsibilities:

The CISO will direct and develop the Corporate Information Security team while managing global cyber security risk.  This includes architecture, policy, incident response, and all other aspects of a modern cyber security program.  To be successful, the CISO will balance cyber risk with the operating models of various business units to sustain a secure but productive workforce.  This professional will have strategic and tactical control over the program while ensuring the various needs of the businesses and IT are being met.  The CISO is strongly connected to Howmet’s Legal teams and Privacy Office, ensuring that regulatory requirements are achieved throughout the entirety of the program.

Mitigating current day threats as well as anticipating and controlling for tomorrow’s is a critical aspect of this role.  Critical thinking, problem solving, and strong communication across all levels of seniority is a must.  All these skills will be used to effectively collaborate with various company leaders, IT and non-IT, to ensure that business goals are being met and conflicting interests are balanced appropriately.